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It is with great sadness, that Stitching Pretty Presents must announce the passing of ByGone Stitches designer Gail Reinhardt.

As stitchers are want to do in attempt to heal from tragedy - the "girls of Stitching Pretty" have taken some of the thoughts, ideas, sketches and partial charts left behind in Gail's stash and created an ongoing remembrance which will be published under "Remembering ByGone Stitches" copyright Stitching Pretty. I would like to thank at this time Catherine Eng, Cathy Lyon, Bik and Carmen Johnson.

More will be announced in the coming months... Thanks for joining in our memories!
Gail Reinhardt

About Us

Welcome to Stitching Pretty, Ltd.

Everyone knows that books and life have a lot in common. There is a beginning, the middle which consists of many chapters, and the end. The same goes for Stitching Pretty.

Our story began in October, 1989, in a turn of the century house on Main St, Laurel, Md. Thirteen years of wonderful memories, friends, fun and occasionally some trials and tribulations. We went through the birth of twins, a wedding, births of grandbabies, and even a few divorces. Every event turning another page in our book.

We began another chapter in 2002, as our ghost, carried us across the parking lot to #6 N Second St. We began high school, birthed more babies, became national designers, made more friends and more memories. And the pages keep turning, faster and faster.... ( mom - does this mean we are getting old? hee, hee...)

And so we have come to an end - but only of this chapter! (written March 2008)

Our new chapter begins with another new setting and endless possibilities, that only vision can limit..... and all of you know our vision is certainly colorful!!!!! So please welcome us to the world wide web!

You will be able to reach us at our same emails (or and through our website.

Stitching Pretty will be very much physically present at both wholesale and retail needlework shows as well as the Sotterly exhibit, in Hollywood MD; the Montpelier exhibit, in Laurel MD; the Laurel Main Street Festival, Laurel's Riverfest and anywhere else our new chapter turns the page for us.

We are very excited to begin this next chapter and we hope you will turn the page with us!

As always, just -
~Michelle and Gail

Thanks for stopping by!

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