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Michelle Ink Needlework Designs
Michelle Ink Needlework Designs
by michelle d arsenault

...was originally born out of a quest for designs not available. There were none that seemed quite right for the need, so I proceeded to draw my own! A U of M college graduate with a BS in Nursing, I chose to open a needlework store "when I grew up" and Stitching Pretty Ltd was opened in 1989. Being surrounded by the fabrics, threads, colors and textures i was able to feed and grow a talent for color, design, fabric, my pen and graph paper and have not been able to stop since. My first design was published in the early 90's. The retail store has since been retired, i still work as an ER nurse on the weekends and the occasional midnight hour will find my light still on, pen in hand and a new thought emerge on the graph paper to be completed with needle and thread by daylight. i am the current distributor for stitching pretty presents and hope you enjoy our offerings in our new home here on the world wide web !
Michelle Ink Designs
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Quaker Gone Haunted

Stand As the First

Always Kiss Me

Fairie’s Needle Sampler

Bee Happy

Harelquin Rose

Harelquin Sunflower

Merry and Bright

Angel’s Garden


Quaker Gone Poe

Silver Seaside

I Sea You

Fine Silver Pieces

Quaker Gone Holiday!


Sampler of Drawn Thread

Bird Of Lore


All Hallows Eve

Quaker Gone Spooky!

Moonbeams on the bay

Under the Old Oak Tree


Love and Joy


Quaker Gone Haunted
Quaker Gone Haunted
Another of the Quaker gone... parodies. A spooky old cemetery scene full of tombstones and wistful angels.

Where's the Party?

All Decked Out

Hardanger Lesson

Silver Buttons

Creepy Scissor Case

Hallowed Treasures

Harlequin Butterfly

Harlequin Fifi Fishy

On a Wing and a Prayer


Twinkle Little Sea Star

Color Needleminders

New Needleminders

Kindred Spirits

Fine Silver Needle Minders

Feeling Yellow Today!

Quaker Gone Tropic!



Tropical Paradise


Faerie's Needle

Haunted Hardanger


Captians Rellek

Got Gifts


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