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Samplers Revisited
Samplers Revisited
by Patty Yergey

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Samplers Revisited
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Big Bad
Bargello Crab

Bargello Blue Whale

Dorcas Bolden 1807

Cafe & Caffeine

Rebecca E Craig 1844

Santa Visits South Carolina

Quaker Blue Crab

Pumpkin Quaker Sampler

Fall in Ocean View

Winter in Ocean View

Spring in Ocean View

Summer in Ocean View

Bargello Crab

Beach Life

Rachel Lewis 1791

Patriotic Crab

Santa Visits America

Happy Hour

Steampunk Pumpkins

The Beach Is My Happy Place

Keep Calm And Drink Wine

Happy Red Crab

Clockwork Crab

Dreamin’ of the Beach

Santa Visits FL

Santa Visits Maryland

Santa Visits Virginia

Santa Visits Delaware

Nelley Sharp 1791

Santa Visits Canada

Santa Visits Texas

*Beach Wreath*

Great Pumpkin Mennonite

Jane McNair Ketching 1862

Elizabeth Young 1829

Great Pumpkin Sampler

Blessed are We Who Live by the Sea

Hay Cairns 1840

Big Bad Bargello Crab
Big Bad
Bargello Crab

More Fool the Eye bargello This large blue crab can be stitched in two different color ways: Florentine and Patriotic. Stitch count is 196 wide by 160 high.

Quaker Blue Whale


Thankful & Grateful

Quaker Village Sampler

Elizabeth Stockley

Great Pumpkin Bargello

Great Pumpkin Florentine

Sew and Stash

Yarn & Stitch

Brew & Cheers

Cat and Wag

Vino & BYOB

Girls Night Out

Beer and Wine

Save Water -
Drink Wine

Save Water -
Drink Beer

Scottish Sampler

House and Hound

IIS c.1820

Fianna’s Show Towel 1850

Lydia Wharton

Priscilla Talley

Santa Visits NY

Santa Visits Pennsylvania

Santa Visits Colorado

Great Pumpkin Seaside

Funky Blue Crab

Santa Visits Britain

Santa Visits Scotland

Mary Applegate 1848

Great Pumpkin Quaker

Keep Calm and Think of the Beach

Maryland Flag Crab

Life Is Better at the Beach

Sarah Green 1849

Ann Smith 1809

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